The unique structure of our organization and our office in Sacramento provides our clients with the opportunity to maintain a stand-alone organization in a shared office environment.  This structure allows us to provide a high level of executive support, organization management, program satisfaction, and a full range of services within a lower overhead cost structure. The presence of multiple executive professionals in our organization allows us to creatively and effectively solve problems.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality, personalized service to all our clients.  Most of our associates have been with the organization for over fifteen years- a testament to the commitment of our team and to our positive working environment.
In addition, we work hand in hand with several key professionals for specialized services.  We have a strong and close working relationship with several CPAs, attorneys, and an international affairs management firm.  Our history of collaboration and their close proximity provides the platform for a strong and effective working relationship.  We also partner closely with PR and advertising firms and have an excellent long-term working relationship.
We believe that the strengths of our organization and of our various partnerships allow our clients to establish themselves as important and influential forces in the industry. Our structure and broad reach allows organizations of all sizes to amplify their influence by minimizing operational expenses and diverting those resources to programs with the greatest impact.
Our management expertise and commitment paired with leadership and enthusiasm from our clients has enabled us to achieve great things. We are an organization dedicated to defending the interests of agriculture in its many forms. We recognize the importance and value of our clients’ agricultural operations and do everything in our power to ensure that they continue to thrive in an ever-changing environment.